Q: What guarantee do I have that I will be happy with your product?
A: We Guarantee satisfaction and will replace any defective product within One Year of purchase.

Q: What are Corbels used for?
A: Corbels are used in a variety of applications, most commonly for shelf support, fireplace surrounds, fine furniture and kitchen cabinetry.

Q: Why is Hand Carved different than machine carved?
A: Machine carved woods lack the detail and subtleties that you find in Hand Carved products.

Q: Why are hardwoods like Maple more desirable for carving and finishing?
A: Softwoods do not carve as well because of the lack of crisp detail that is so important to the appearance of the product. Softwoods do not take Stain or paint as well as Hardwoods.

Q: Why is the Corbel not made of one piece of wood?
A: In order to keep the carving from splitting or warping all high quality carvings are made from "glued up" stock which is segments of wood that are slued together with care taken to match color at the joints.

Q: Why is Kiln Dried Hardwoods so important?
A: Kiln drying is done to take moisture out of the wood so that normal changing house temperatures will not cause splitting and cracking that is found in less expensive air dried Hardwoods.

Q: Can I use these Corbels outside?
A: They are wood and should be protected from the elements, therefore they should be polyurethaned on all sides to keep out moisture. But it is no guarantee against damage.

Q: Is it difficult to install Corbels?
A: Each Corbel has a metal hanging strip in the back that is intended to support the Corbel with the use of two #10 pan head screws into a wood beam in the wall. A moly plug anchored into a sheet rock wall will also be sufficient. Be certain not to overload the shelf so that the stress on the anchors will not cause the moly plug to fail. When purchasing, check the stress loads for the moly plug that you are using. These range in different load bearing capacities.